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#1 Largest Inventory of Car Keys now in

St. Paul, Minnesota

The company has perfected the art of car key duplication, fusing it with exceptional customer service. Their focus is not only to yield profits but also to offer quality goods. Their list of products includes car keys, car remotes of all designs, push-to-start buttons, and remote heads for all car brands. The chances of you missing an item are very minimal.

24/7 Car Key Duplication Locksmith Services in St. Paul

Average Car Key Duplication cost?

Affordable by anyone.

Honestly, this question comes up every day for us, the average cost of a car key duplication price varies depending on the type of vehicle that you own. For example, if you owned a Ford f-150 2008 and wanted a simple transponder key (No buttons, just starts the vehicle) it would cost $65. However, let’s say you owned a Honda civic 2016 push to start this vehicle would be more expensive based on the cost of the key. 

Why Choose Us

Whether you are getting a remote for months, or programmable car keys, our locksmith are fully trained to help. Not only will we program your keys properly, but we can come out directly to you so that you can save time and get the job done.

This includes onboard programming and many other services that may not be offered by our competitors. You should consider contacting us today if you are interested in getting a duplicate key

We Accept Major Credit Cards:

How We Differ From Our Competitors


Our company is the largest of all providers of key and remote duplication services. We can help you obtain a replacement, or even a backup, for a wide variety of keys that you may use. This will include OEM backups for factory keyless entry remote’s,


Our company was founded by people that were experienced locksmiths that had been in this industry for many years.


We can save you a substantial amount of money. Up to 80% off is what you can save when compared to dealership prices for key replacements that you may need.


Our business will always have the largest selection of keys on the market. You should have no problem finding yours within a minute or two.


We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a replacement guarantee too.

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